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Steven Miller, LMBT #14001

The past 33 years of my life I have spent helping people by working as a medical laboratory technician, phlebotomist and now a massage therapist. I must say phlebotomy was my love because it started my journey into compassionate care of others while massage therapy is my passion or as I like to say my ministry. I was once asked why I call it my ministry.   My answer was you can teach techniques and concepts, but compassion, caring and touch are gifts.

   I am an avid learner of concepts, but I never forget that compassion and touch  bring it all to life. My instructor and mentor said to me, “Learn all the techniques and concepts you want and then make them your own.”  So I have spent the last 19 years making massage therapy my own.  I am constantly studying concepts and techniques, blending them together in hopes of making each experience unique. I always remember  that massage is as much  an art as it is a science and  I stay true to this philosophy.


  My work is based around the concept of wellness and how I can help you before the pain and through the pain with all that I have learned over the years. I always encourage the people who come to see me to create a wellness routine  that works for them. Wellness does not stop when you are feeling better, Wellness is a lifestyle.

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