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Halotherapy Booth

Lit Halo Booth.jpg

Why Halotherapy

Every day we are exposed to pollutants, allergens, airborne diseases and other respiratory irritants. Having a well-functioning respiratory system is essential to good health and the use of Halotherapy is one such way to have a cleaner, heathier and optimal functioning system.

How Dry Salt Works

Dry Salt has three fundamentals which gives it health benefits. First it is super absorbent, second it is anti-inflammatory and third it is anti-bacterial. Being super absorbent, it attracts foreign substances along the path of the respiratory tract. As an anti-inflammatory substance it helps to reduce inflammation and widen the entire respiratory tract. Lastly as an anti-bacterial agent it helps the lung to expel bacteria and pollutants.

What Is Halotherapy

Halotherapy is a complementary treatment that uses a device called a Halogenerator to grind pharmaceutical grade salt (Sodium Chloride) into micronized particles. These aerosolized salt particles are easily inhaled and once inhaled have a cleansing effect on the respiratory tract. In the Halo Booth an individual simply relaxes and breathes the salt air. Salt also lands on the skin and the anti-bacterial property of salt helps to remove bacteria on the skin.

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